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The Future Oncoming

In Overhead, Promo, Self-Reflection on July 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm

This blog has been pretty darn quiet as of late. It’s because new and exciting tools have come into my life that cover 90% of the occasional-post style of content that I’ve generally used a blog for.

My twitter is, of course, my go-to for quick thoughts, one-liners, whining, and advertising.

Over the last year, Google+ has grown to encompass pretty much everything else that I used to blog. From observations on trends in gaming, to making updates about my own works-in-progress, even to being the main place that I publicize new products and projects. The gaming community has really embraced the service in a way that I find to be a perfect blend of forum, social network and cool-shit-sharing, for me.

I am technically still on Facebook, as well, but that’s almost entirely about remembering people’s birthdays and getting event invitations.

Oh! And, if you just want to know about new products, sales, and other me-as-business things, I started an email newsletter that you are welcome to sign up for.

So, what to do with the blog? Readership is generally pretty low, and I’m almost positive that everyone who reads the blog is also following me on the other services. There’s a decent amount of content here that I’m happy to remain existing as an archive, but if you want to actually know what I’m thinking about, working on and doing, I would recommend the above places as the best ways to keep tabs on me.

And who knows, maybe I’ll figure out something cool to do later!


The New Kind

In Overhead on August 20, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Time for yet another venture into the blog-o-sphere.

So far, most of my blog forays have been built around a specific thing (game design and self-publishing, game design contests, stuff me and my brother think is cool, neat links that have to do with school) – but all of these fall, I think, to the fact that my interests and activities shift and change. They ebb and flow with the events of my life and my interest in participating in those worlds.

Time for another experiment! I intend to use this blog in a more expansive and relaxed manner. I want to post about game stuff sometimes, and about design stuff sometimes, and as a promotional engine, and to share things that I think are cool, and to whine about stuff (cuz that’s what the internet is for, after all).

If you’re here because you follow me from another venue (which I really appreciate, by the way, thank you!), I hope the stuff-that-isn’t-the-stuff-you-usually-see-me-talk-about still interests you! I like talking and listening in equal measure, so I hope we can do both.

I don’t really have a formal shape for things yet. Let’s see how this goes, shall we?