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Forge Midwest 2012

In Convention Report, Links, My Thoughts On, Roleplaying Games on May 7, 2012 at 10:15 am

I attended Forge Midwest last weekend, and it was nice. Forge Midwest is a regional “playcon”, a relatively small convention that is all about playing (mostly indie/self-published/smallpress) games. No panels, no booths, no official sales, just meetin’ up and sittin’ down to play. Back in Boston, I attended/organized various JiffyCons, which is a similar concept, though only one day’s worth. Anyway, playcons are great, and seeing how I haven’t been to a convention at all since Gen Con of 2010, I was excited to go!

I had a good time catching up with folks I haven’t seen in years, meeting new folks, and playing games! I took it pretty easy compared to some people (there were people who managed to get 7 or 8 games in over 2.5 days, which I just am not creatively capable of, I think). I was exhausted at the end, but in a long-term way I think it was pretty energizing. I would certainly like to try and play more games in the next couple of months, at the very least!

I played four games: Pickets and Blinds, Dungeon World, Dark Sun HeroQuest and Hero’s Banner. I enjoyed them pretty much in ascending order, actually. More details about each after the jump.

Thanks to Willow and  Tim, the organizers of the event, and to everyone I got to play with and talk too! It was a good time!

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