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Pause, Stop, Pause

In Commentary, Design Practice, Self-Reflection on November 6, 2011 at 10:04 am

So it sure has been a little busy around here since August.

In real life, my fabrication gig has proved to be much busier than it was originally envisioned – which is good, because it’s keeping me employed, but it sure was an adjustment getting back into real making after two years off. Also, in a big case of “when it rains, it pours” I had accepted a couple of freelance projects just before starting that job, which meant from mid-July through the beginning of October I was just working all the time. An exhausting adjustment. Real work is different from school work, I remember that now!

Fortunately, October saw things slow down a little on the work front, but it was bookended by travel (a lovely short vacation at the beginning, and a rad friend’s wedding at the end), and I really wanted nothing to do with anything that wasn’t right in front of my face.

And then it was November, oh snap!

Work seems to be settling into a more predictable pattern, for now, and I’m actually doing some low-key personal designing (a wine rack for my kitchen, and maybe some other things), which is refreshing. I’m also noodling about (re: completely overhauling) a big game project that I’ve been working on off and on since before I went to school.

The main thing for me, now, is trying to rediscover the fun in what I like to do. Something about going through the grad school process really seemed to drain the joy out of me – I would be willing to chalk it up to my personal wierdness, but I’ve had this conversation with most of my classmates and everyone seems to have experienced the same thing. I don’t know why this is so, but it kinda really sucks. Something about the pressure of the critical environment combined with the lack of confidence in our own abilities? I dunno.

I’m hoping that just making some small, simple, unambitious things will help me find my way back to the fun. We shall see.


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