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Habits For A New Age

In Commentary, My Thoughts On on June 27, 2011 at 12:35 pm

As a combination graduation/birthday gift, I received a very sweet iPad 2. So far I mostly use it as a radio and mobile Twitter platform, though I recently started reading old Sherlock Holmes stories on it as well. In many ways, I have yet to unlock the potential of this device.

However, there is one interesting way in which it’s motivated me to restructure my digital life. Due to a great tip, I got the Flipboard app, which is genius. It takes a cross-section of it’s own curated content, RSS feeds of my choice, and what people in my social networks post or link to, and lays out the content in a easily-navigatable magazine format. It’s great! But, after a few days, I noticed that the sites that I subscribe too that are more prolific (like boing boing, io9, stuff like that) tend to overwhelm all the smaller, more occasional feeds (like my friends blogs).

Thus, I just spent a couple of hours going through my google reader, deleting the high-volume feeds from it (along with legacy feeds that haven’t been updated in over 6 months), and then giving those feeds their own dedicated Flipboard section on my iPad. Hopefully, my “Google Reader” section will now be a more heterogenous selection of interesting things, and then if I want to see whats up on io9, I flip to the “io9” section, etc.

This also means that, except for links that come in through twitter during the day, I’ll mostly be consuming those high-volume sites via Flipboard, and not really on my laptop.

Big deal? Not really, except that it’s an example of how the structure of a well-designed app can drive behavior in a really interesting (and effective) way.


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