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Over A Thousand

In Commentary, Promo, Publishing on June 22, 2011 at 10:37 am


Yesterday, the Kickstarter campaign for Witness the Murder of your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince broke $1,000. The target was $275. As of now, this means:

  • It’s made 380% of the target funds
  • I’ve been commissioned by Graham Walmsley to write a shortform game, which I’m very excited about
  • I’ve been able to commission additional art from Sarah for the interior of the publication, which is just making it look better and better
  • I’m able to easily cover all of the shipping costs for all the backers, as well as manufacturing costs for the backers-only award sets and prints
  • There will be money left over for me to put towards other projects (possibly including attending conventions that I’d already written off)
  • I have over 50 people who I cannot say enough good things about

Assuming there isn’t a major wave of backers canceling their contributions, this is simply put one of the single most (financially) successful publishing efforts I’ve made. There are 6 days to go, for anyone who wants to get the Kickstarter-only version of the game, (essentially) order it without paying shipping, or go for the couple final backer-only rewards.

One thing for sure, this idea of audience-funded micro-publishing sure seems to have some legs!

It does still have to run its course, but if anyone has any questions about the Kickstarter process, or would like to comment about why they decided to back the project (or any other Kickstarter project, really) I think that would be an interesting conversation.

Many thanks for all the incredible support!


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