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In Design Practice, Exhibitions, Links, Self-Reflection, Thesis Work on June 15, 2011 at 10:25 am

The opening for our thesis show was last Monday afternoon/evening, and it was quite a day! In brief:

My final critique went as well as could be expected. The jury was up out of their seats, poking at things and asking lots of questions, which is always nice. Energy in a critique is a joy. There were some very cogent critical points brought up at all levels of the design, from the mechanics level to presentation to marketing/distribution, but overall the response was positive and I walked out feeling pretty good about it.

My department head invited me to be one of two student panelists on a round-table discussion centering around the central question/statement of the show (Where Is Where, indeed) and the relationship between art and design. The format was pretty odd to me, and I felt like the time alloted (an hour) was a little long, but it was a very interesting experience. My classmates told me afterwards that I was making the most sense, which means that I either succeeded at trying to state my opinions clearly and simply, or failed at speaking on the same level as the professionals and academics on the panel; either way, I’m glad that I had the chance to participate.

Oh, and then I got an award! My department gives out merit awards for “exemplary work,” thanks to one of our long-time and generous patrons Betsy Karp, and I was one of the three recipients in my cohort. So I am now an award-winning designer. Fear me, world!

Then the reception was loud, crowded and fun. Lots of congratulations and champagne, and the school’s news magazine interviewed me, which was weird but kind of fun in it’s own way.

Overall, a successful day, I think.

Much like the Milan project I’ll be keeping a list of press outlets that cover the SAIC AIADO+Fashion thesis show Where is Where.

(last updated 6/30/11)

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