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Local (Chicago) Playtesters Wanted

In Chicago, Game Design, Promo, Thesis Work on May 17, 2011 at 11:08 am

Dear Chicago-ans: I am seeking folks who would be willing to play two of my thesis games, both as a round of validation playtesting, and as material for the instructional videos I’m planning to create for their installation. I can provide hearty thanks and post-playtest beers (or whatever) as payment. Due to the nature of the prototypes, I’m hoping to host the playtests in my studio in the Loop, but we can figure out the details depending on who is interested and how far away folks are.

Please contact me through the emails (n-dot-d-dot-paoletta-at-gmail) with questions or if you are interested! I’ll be putting the word out through other channels as well.

As enticement, some pictures of the current prototypes!

Food Court Frenzy Game Board Prototype

Prototype of the game board for Food Court Frenzy

Food Court Frenzy Prototype

The current prototype for Food Court Frenzy

Feed Them! Prototype

Current prototype for Feed Them! (much more dynamic)


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