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Thesis Update: Just Work

In Design Practice, Design Process, Game Design, Product Design, Promo, Thesis Work on May 2, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Since getting back from Milan, I’ve had to refocus on this whole thesis thing pretty hardcore. On the plus side, as the semester winds down (one week of classes left!), all of the other classes are slowly falling away. Soon, it’ll just be us and thesis, battle to the death, for about a month.

On the one hand, it’s going to be a lot of work, because I really, really want to have a quality final product for the show in June. On the other hand, at this point it’s “just” work. The games have started gaining that momentum where it’s becoming obvious which parts to let fall away, which fold into each other, and which feed the development of the next stages. This is the fun part (twitter whining notwithstanding).

To that end, photos!

I have my critique week critique in a couple of days, so most of my energy is going towards having some playable prototypes for that. Hopefully after I’ll have some kind of insighful analysis. Until then, pictures of rubber pants should suffice.

Test Pants

Test pair for my final molding method, still on the mold.

More pics after the jump.

Test Pants with Bits

Showing how the plastic "food" shows up in the pants.

First Try for the Stand

The first, awful, attempt at the pants stand.

Second Stand Attempt

The second version. Much better (uses self-closing clip action). The final version is much cleaner (and will be in clear acrylic, not cardboard), but I don't have pics yet.

The Pants

The four sets of pants, with some food bits, that I'll be using in my prototype set.

The Pants Again

The pants laying down.

Food Court Frenzy Board

The current board. Logos by Peter Perez.


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