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Play With Your Food Info Sheet

In Game Design, Promo, Thesis Work on April 6, 2011 at 2:33 pm

While my thesis work has been a little bit on hold due to the mad dash to the finish line for Milan, I’ve finally managed to get some more work done for it in the last week (helped out by some press deadlines for the thesis exhibition).

The overall title of my project is officially Play With Your Food: Three Games About Eating. The three games are Feed Them!, Food Court Frenzy and Dinner Winner – the little that I’ve posted about them so far are under the “Thesis Work” tag.

The quick descriptions:

  • Feed Them! is a strategic resource-management game that models the complex factors surrounding the journey of food from production to retail outlets.
  • Food Court Frenzy is a tongue-in-cheek traditional board game focused on overeating and the relationship between how much food costs and how healthy it is.
  • Dinner Winner is an experimental game that uses the kitchen refrigerator as a board. It is focused on managing a households consumption of perishable foods.

Hopefully I’ll be better about posting process and progress after I get back from Milan.

Until then, I’ve prepared a one-page info sheet with more details and a couple of images – PlayWithYourFood_InfoSheet.


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