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Milan Proceeding Apace

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Unfortunately, my video capability for my last (and I think final) dripcast was hamstrung by a collection of old batteries, none of which were capable of providing more than a minute of video at a time. But, in short, my casting guy figured out a solution to the keying-in problem, enabling us to separate the coin metal from the iron die without any problems at all! I was, in the end, able to cast one bowl out of $20 worth of nickels, and one out of $20 of quarters. In addition, I brought some plastic consumer goods to try. The polypropylene bowls didn’t really melt (they just burn away), but we had astounding, and weird, success with a $20 spindle of blank DVDs.

Three Successful Bowls

Three successful bowls! Nickels, Quarters and DVDS (clockwise from left)

In addition, I cast $20 worth of sugar (which is a LOT of sugar, btw), and $20 worth of decorative candles (mmm, Fig+Patchouli).

Check out all the (many) pics after the jump!

$20 of Nickels

$20 of Nickels, ready to melt


We had to rig up the accelerated propane torch for this one.

Right off the die

Nickel bowl, fresh off the die.

Before Sandblasting

Nickel Bowl, before any sandblasting or finish work

After Sandblasting

Nickel Bowl, after sandblasting

Polishing the Quarter Bowl

Polishing up the Quarter Bowl with steel wool.

Quarter Bowl Detail

Closeup of the Quarter Bowl.

DVD bowl on the die

DVD bowl on the die, outside surface

DVD Bowl Interior

Interior of the DVD Bowl - totally wild IRL!

Wax Bowl on Die

Wax Bowl, on the die. The original candles were green and red, so they just turned sludge brown when melted together.

Wax Bowl Interior

Wax Bowl interior. I'm not sure if this one is a keeper.

Sugar Bowl on Die

Sugar Bowl. I had to build up the sides of the die with aluminum foil - this is over 10 lbs of sugar!

Sugar Bowl Interior

Sugar Bowl. It encased a good amount of the foil, so I'm going to be making a silicone version of the die for the final version of this. It also looks kinda like a bundt cake.

Current Bowl Family

The five bowls currently made.


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