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Another Vampire Game, You Say

In Annalise, Game Design, Links, Roleplaying Games on March 11, 2011 at 10:14 am

There’s a call-for-submissions-ish thread over at Story Games that caught my eye – The Taste of Blood: An Anthology of 30 Short Roleplaying Games About Vampires.

How can I resist?

Some quick ideas:

  • A short/lite version of Annalise centered around an actual Vampire (so, a more locked-down Guided Play Scenario)
  • A Vampire Slayer game, action/adventure/splatterpunk centering around team synergy and the forces that could split that synergy
  • Buried at the Crossroads, a two-player (or possibly solitaire) RPG about a man who rises from the crossroads with a terrible thirst and no memory of the crimes that led to this fate
  • An alt-modern day setting where vampires are a minority population group, possibly a CSI-style procedural setup? (There’s a comic series that’s basically this, but I can’t remember what it’s called)
  • Bloody Thrones, a historical/fantastic/feudal setting centered around the terrible Vampire Kings and their machinations. Players are possibly those at court tasked with carrying out the will of their lords, or possibly part of a rebellious underground movement (or both)

What seems promising out of those? I’d want to keep it short, obviously, but grabby.

If you’re thinking of contributing, what are your ideas?

  1. Vampire Kings, but no resistance or rebellion. You are thralls doing the master’s bidding and the game centers around you slowly eroding humanity.

  2. Yeh, that’s my initial instinct as well. The question is, is it a My Life With Master hack or not…

    • Depends on your priorities with it. My Life With Master has some clear goals in game play. It focuses on the relationship with the Master. Do you have those same goals? I would probably be more interested in a game that centered on the character’s relationship with themselves and those they subjugate in the name of the Master. The whole “satan made me do it” I think is a little played out.

  3. […] (What is this all about? Here’s the details.) […]

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