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Working Title: Feed Us!

In Design Practice, Design Process, Game Design, Sketches, Thesis Work on February 1, 2011 at 5:10 pm

The first game attempt for Games About Food has made.


In this game, each player will be setting and and maintaining an industrial food chain, taking food from basic resources to retail. Each player will have a contrasting Goal concerning the overall Health of the system – Environmental, Economic and/or Personal.

The goal of the game is to achieve your Goal first, by creating conditions where the level of Health or Healths concerned with your individual Goal card are achieved. However, if ANY of the three Health tracks hits 0, everybody loses and the game is over!

A finished game of Feed Us!

I started writing it last Saturday, finished the mechanics skeleton yesterday, and finished a written rules document this morning. I played it with one person (it’s for 2-4 people), which took about an hour and shook out the obvious math problems, and a couple of less obvious emergent properties. So it took 4 days to put together, probably about 10-12 hours total if put all together in one chunk. This seems like a baseline pace that I’d like to keep up.

Now that I have one design really started (with a playtest and all!), I’ll be revising it in parallel to working on a different idea; possibly “Dinner Winner” (thanks to my classmate for the title) a card game where the winner is the one who makes the best recipe out of the cards, and the loser cooks dinner with that recipe.

Some more pics of the very first round of Feed Us! after the jump. Click to embiggen.

Feed Us! Health Track

Feed Us! Health Track

Feed Us! Player Area

Feed Us! Player Area

Feed Us! Goal Cards

Feed Us! Goal Cards

  1. Nice! Looking forward to hearing more about these games.

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