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Games About Food

In Design Process, Game Design, Product Design on January 29, 2011 at 12:53 pm

For my graduate thesis, I will be designing a game, or more likely a series of games, about food. Specifically, I’m aiming to create analog (as opposed to digital) games that aim to inform and educate players about the systems involved in bringing food into their bellies, and hopefully empower players to make better choices for themselves about what and how they eat.

Sound lofty? A little, I suppose. But I think its (a) achievable and (b) important. I want to, in some small way, connect people with what they eat in a mindful and helpful manner, without being public-service-announcement-y. And I love games (obviously), and the power that they have to engage and immerse people into constructed realities.

The first phase of the project will be what we’re calling “investigations,” a series of quick, intense projects meant to really work out exactly what this project is going to end up looking like. My goal is to figure out exactly what will make a fun game. It should be rad. I hope to post my progress here, both to track how things are going, and to provide drafts of games for perusal, feedback – and maybe some playtesting…

I’m excited!


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