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In Game Design, Links, Promo, Roleplaying Games on January 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm

There’s been a pretty big shuffle in indie-rpg-forum-land in the last couple of months. Now that the dust has settled and I have a wee bit of time to sort it out, I have a small announcement. The official ndp design forum has moved from it’s previous home at the Forge to a new spot, the RPG Crossroads.

I’ve never had a whole lot of forum traffic, but I do welcome it! Also, I would love for the forum to be a place to talk about design and publication issues outside of my specific games. There are other places to talk about such things with a broader audience, of course (The Forge, especially since the “Winter Phase” transition, and the Praxis part of Story Games are my favorites), but I’m happy to talk about my experiences with design and publishing, from conceptual stuff to nuts-n-bolts of getting a product out there. I’ve thought about game design a lot.

(This seems like one of those posts where this may be necessary, just to be clear)

RPG Design/Publishing Link Roundup

  1. Heya, just wanted to give a shout out that Annalise is this month’s pick for “RPG Book/Play Club” over on Story Games:


  2. I saw! Very exciting, thanks for pick, Andy!


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