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End Of The Aughts

In Design Practice, Design Process, Self-Reflection on December 30, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Whew, what a year. I’m not one for detailed blow-by-blows, but here’s a bit of the “state of me” post, in an effort to keep this space at least a little relevant for the time being.

First, this semester of school really kicked my ass. I have three projects that are either extending into or bridging the winter session (the transit project, my thesis, and the milan project). I had a vain dream of some kind of “school-life” balance at the beginning of the fall that abruptly transitioned to “you are not spending enough time on school,” and it’s been quite the uphill battle since.

So I’m taking this little vacation between Christmas and New Years to rest, do some re-centering and figure out how to tackle the next couple months in a productive manner.

On the gaming front, after a really great Conspiracy of Shadows playtest cycle, I’ve had no time for either design or play. Unfortunately, I think this is going to be the case until after I finish out my program. However, I do have an inkling of an idea for possibly making part of my thesis a board game, so if that actually has some legs that would be swell…

Also, it looks like I’m just about ready to get Annalise back in print. Look for that in January.

One contributor to my issues dealing with this last semester has to do with the fact that it was research-heavy and making-light, I think. But I did manage to get some cool stuff done. A couple images of the progress of my project for the Milan class after the jump, for the curious.

Melted Coins

Melted Coins for Milan Project

More Than It's Worth Hero Shot

"Hero Shot" for my Milan Project

Wooden Die Form

Die Form to be cast in iron - wood and primer

The concept of de-materialization and re-materialization of value has led me to this – I’m melting currency and using the resulting metal to drip-cast a series of more- and less-abstract bowls over an iron form. The top pic is the result of my melt test, melting some different amounts of coinage and seeing what happens; the second is the “hero shot” that I produced for a late-semester presentation, featuring some wax tests that I made over an earlier iteration of the form; the last image is the wooden pattern, ready to be cast in iron.

I’m pretty excited to see how it all turns out!


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