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One Of Those Good Problems

In Annalise, Promo, Publishing, Roleplaying Games on August 23, 2010 at 3:56 pm

I’m sold out of Annalise!

Well, that’s a lie. I’m sold out of my personal stock for direct sales of Annalise. Indie Press Revolution still has 23 copies, out of the initial 100.

However, retailer orders have been coming in stronger than I expected! Which means that those 23 copies are going pretty quickly.

Now, here’s the part where you go “so, when will they be available again?”

And it’s the part where I go “not soon!”

Cashflow, as always, is a bitch. Basically, I sure won’t be able to put money into printing more books until after the end of the current quarter. Something like late October.

So, basically, if you’re interested in picking up the game in print before November, now’s a good time. The PDF will, of course, be available constantly.

Thanks again for the strong positive response to the game! I’m delighted and a little startled. I can’t wait to hear about the games y’all play.


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