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In Chicago, Game Designers, Gaming on August 20, 2010 at 6:12 pm

Since moving to Chicago, playing games has been low on my priority list. My graduate program is intense, and I was also dealing with moving (twice, one to Chicago from Boston and then again within Chicago last winter), and making a new life with my lady. Which has all been great and rewarding, but given the whole “there’s only so many hours in the day” problem, the little time and energy I had left over from all of these things has been focused towards publishing games, not playing them.

Coming back from this years Gen Con, though, has really energized me to get my game on. I’m happier when I’m making things up with friends on a regular basis. Of course, we’ll see how this all lasts once school starts up again, but I’m hoping to maintain at least occasional gaming over the next couple of months!

Last night I just started a new game of Annalise with Ron and Tim, and the first session was really solid. On the horizon, I hope to do some gaming with Will, who just relocated to Chicago (and who I have a very funny story about, for a later post). And Keith keeps threatening me with playtests of stuff he’s working on, which I am looking forward to as well. Oh, and I picked up Infinite City at GenCon, and I really really like it! It’s a really solid board game that plays equally well with 2 players up to 4 (haven’t played it with more than that yet).

I’m excited to use my game energy to play, for a bit. It’s been too long.

  1. Let us play, for the love of all that’s holy, and soon!

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